IF you’re into watching Twitch streams, chances are you’ve heard of Sliker.

The Brit has been around on the platform for a few years now and boasts hundreds of thousands of followers.

Sliker has some 430,000 Twitch followers

Sliker has some 430,000 Twitch followersクレジット: インスタグラム

Here’s everything you need to know about Sliker.


Sliker is a UK-based streamer.

Some sites claim he was born in イラク but grew up in マンチェスター.

His real name is thought to be Abraham Mohammed.

He has some 430,000 のフォロワー Twitch 一人で.

Over on Instagram he has more than 33,000 フォロワー.

What does Sliker do on Twitch?

Despite Twitch mostly being a place for gamers to stream, Sliker doesn’t play games on the platform that often.

代わりに, Sliker mostly hosts live talk streams.

そんなに, Sliker’s recently streamed category is classed as ‘just chatting’.

But he has been known to play a bit of リーグ・オブ・レジェンズ, Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and マインクラフト.

に 2020, he briefly joined Team Liquid as a Twitch content creator.

He parted ways with the team in April 2021.

What is Silker’s net worth?

Different websites have made varying predictions about Silker’s net worth.

Buzz Learn thinks it’s between $1million and $5million.

Whereas, World Top 2 puts it more at $100,000.

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