Chi è Vikkstar123 e quando si è unito a The Sidemen?

YOUTUBER Vikkstar123 has a built a career by creating videos and joining The Sidemen.

He has found fame since 2010, but who is he?

Vikkstar123 started his YouTube in 2010

Vikkstar123 started his YouTube in 2010Credito: Twitter

Who is Vikkstar123?

Vikkstar123 is best known for his successful Youtube channel as well as being part of The Sidemen and The Pack.

He was born in Guildford, Surrey dentro 1995 and at the age of nine he moved with his family to Sheffield.

He has two older brothers who have never been seen in videos.

Vik managed to achieve a high number of As in his GCSEs in 2011, e 1 A and 3 As in his A-Levels in 2013.

He got offered a place at University College Londra (UCL) to study Natural Sciences, but he declined the offer to focus on YouTube instead.

He decided to start his YouTube channel in 2010 when he was just 14-years-old.

He is part of The Sidemen as well as The Pack, which all their members are Minecraft YouTubers who record with Vik on his side channels.

When did Vikkstar123 join The Sidemen?

Vik joined The Sidemen in 2013 and lived in the Sidemen house between 2014 e 2018.

Vik isn’t a big fan of FIFA, unlike the other Sidemen members, and is best known for his Minecraft and first-person videos, as well as Grand Theft Auto V.

In 2017, he started focusing mostly on Fortnite.

Vik is often the target of other member’s jokes.

Is Vikkstar123 dating anyone?

Tra 2015 e 2017, Vik was in a relationship with Kayleigh Wordley.

tuttavia, since late 2018, he has been in a relationship with Ellie Harlow.

The pair tend to keep their relationship quite private, but Vik announced in 2021 that the couple had got engaged.

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In a YouTube video posted in February 2021, Vik revealed why Ellie isn’t in any of his videos, detto: “Well the simple answer is, she doesn’t want to be. She’s not really interested in having lots of followers.

I quite like it as well because I like that there’s some part of me that isn’t on YouTube.