YouTuber Cherdleys とは誰で、彼の本名は何ですか??

CHERDLEYS is best known for being a funny YouTube star.

The American has managed to earn millions of subscribers on his channel, しかし、彼は誰ですか?

Cherdleys has more than two million YouTube subscribers

Cherdleys has more than two million YouTube subscribersクレジット: YouTube/Cherdleys

Who is Cherdleys?

Cherdleys is an American YouTuber と俳優.

スター, whose real name is Chad Lebaron, was born May 28, 1992 に カリフォルニア.

He tends to make comedy skits and pranks on his channel along with other YouTubers and comedians from the California area.

In his late teens and early twenties Cherdleuys went to community college where he studied film, acting and improv.

He also owns where he films mostly weddings which is his main source of income aside from YouTube since 2011.

Cherdleys’s first YouTube appearance was in a video which he made with Youtube channel BritishFlicks titled ‘Buns For Your Weiner’.

しかしながら, he is taking up a new skill as he prepares to go head to head in a boxing match with fellow YouTuber Jay Swingler in the second edition of the Misfits Boxing series.

Jay Swingler vs Cherdleys headlines the Misfits Boxing show on Saturday, 10月 15.

The main event is expected to begin at 10pm UK time and is being hosted at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield.

DAZN will be broadcasting the event.

The streaming platform costs £7.99 per month for subscribers, and this event will not be a PPV and included as part of the monthly price.

What content does Cherdleys make on YouTube?

Cherdleys tends to upload funny content to his YouTube page.

He films short-form skits and pranks.

He often includes other YouTubers from California in his uploads.

Cherdleys started his YouTube channel on October 29, 2015, with the first video he made being titled ‘Getting Dumped Into A Garbage Truckwhich was uploaded on December 7, 2015.

As of October 2022 Cherdleys has more than two million subscribers.

What is Cherdleys net worth?

現在 2022 it’s thought that Cherdleys is worth an estimated $1.1 百万.

As well as earning money through YouTube, Cherdleys is also able to earn money through sponsorships and brand deals.