YouTuber James Welsh とは?

WHEN it comes to the world of skincareJames Welsh is one of the internets favourite skinfluencers.

But who is this YouTube 彼の癒しのタイミングですべてがうまくいけば? 知っておくべきことはすべてここにあります.

Who is James Welsh?

James Welsh, 3月生まれ 12, 1989 – は skincare enthusiast and YouTuber from サリー, イングランド.

に 2015, James launched his YouTube channel James Welsh.

The British ソーシャルメディア star and vlogger takes to his YouTube channel to give honest opinions and reviews on a number of topics – 含む ファッション, skincare and hair products.

He has a twin brother, Robert Welshwho he runs a second collaborative YouTube account with, called The Welsh Twins.

James and his twin brother Robert share a YouTube channel

James and his twin brother Robert share a YouTube channel

What does James Welsh do on YouTube?

The content James creates mainly focuses on skin care and hair products.

He is popular for his honest reviews of products and viral skincare hacksas well as making reaction videos on celebrity skincare routines.

He also uses his platform to collaborate with some well-known skincare expertsincluding Hyram Yarbro, Kelly Driscoll and Ramon Pagan.

To date he has a staggering 1.43 百万人の加入者.

He has also served as a male grooming expert for the ASOSMenswear YouTubeチャンネル.

Besides his own personal channel, James also works alongside his twin brother Robertwho is is a professional 化粧 artist and YouTube star.

Their youTube channel is called The Welsh Twinsand they often poke fun at people thinking they are the same person.

They started the channel in 2020, and have 284k subscribersand now their own line of merchandise.

You can follow Jamesand Robert’s individual YouTube channelsJames Welsh そして Robert Welsh.

And The Welsh Twins Youtube channelThe Welsh Twins.

What is James Welsh net worth?

His net worth is estimated at around £413,177.

On average the skinfluencer earns around £497 per video from his channelwhere he has posted over 600 ビデオ.

The majority of his income source comes from his YouTube channel – しかしながら, he also gets his fair share from social media sponsorships and brand endeavours.

What did James Welsh do before becoming an influencer?

Before he rose to fame in the world of social mediaJames was a photography student at the University of グロスターシャー.

Where he studied from 2007 に 2010.

Who is James Welsh famous brother?

James has a twin brother, Robert Welshwho is also in the spotlight.

ロバート, 3月生まれ 12, 1989 is a professional make-up artist and YouTube starfrom Surrey, イングランド.

His YouTube bio reads: “My name is Robert and I’m a professional makeup artist.

I created this channel to share my years of experience and knowledge with you guys, separating real facts from what we see online.

His content consists of impressive make-up tutorials and his honest take on celebrities and their make-up dos and dontsall of which earn him millions of views on YouTube.

His channel, Robert Welsh, currently has 953k subscribers.