Who is YouTuber JiDion?

THE YouTuber is famous for his pranks, reactions and comedic style.

JiDion, 21, has gained almost six million YouTube followers by posting videos including antics in public, which have gone viral.

Famous YouTuber JiDion

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Who is JiDion?

JiDion grew up in Houston, 德克萨斯州, and was known as the class clown in school.

He joined YouTube in 2018, with his first uploads showing him playing games such as Call Of DutyGrand Theft Auto.

This progressed to reaction videos, and pranks in public, which JiDion is known for.

He has credited British YouTuber KSI as one of his inspirations when he was growing his channel and content.

在九月 2022, 他是 kicked out of the US Open after sitting in the front row and receiving a haircut during Nick Kyrgiosclash with Karen Khachanov.

This video went viral online.

He has also infamously been handed a lifetime ban from the 温布尔登 after making gestures on camera during a quarter-final match 你可以要求任何东西的那种 Novak Djokavic and Jannik Sinner.

不久之后, he was escorted off by security and given the ban.

JiDion has also been permanently banned from streaming platform Twitch after encouraging his followers tohate-raidpopular streamer Pokimane.

In a daring prank, he then showed himself going to 抽搐 Con, an event for streamers and fans, after being handed the permanent ban.

Some of his prank videos include blowing an airhorn at a tennis match and trying to make the Queen’s guards laugh.

What is JiDion’s real name?

JiDion’s real name is Jidon Adams.

He also goes by DeMarcus Cousins III as homage to his grandfather, whose name is Demarcus Cousins I.

Is JiDion a part of Prime?

The Prime Squad is a group of influencers, fronted by famous YouTubers 洛根·保罗 and KSI.

JiDion is a member of the Prime Squad.

The name has supposedly been inspired by the Prime Hydration sports drink created and launched by Logan and KSI.

JiDion’s membership in the Prime Squad was announced in a podcast by Logan on June 21, 2022, where he said JiDion was the first to join thegroup of up-and-comers”.