Who is YouTuber Kai Cenat?

KAI Cenat has become an online sensation, leaving fans in stitches with his hilarious prank videos and vlogs.

He boasts over three million subscribers on YouTube and around the same number of followers on Contracción nerviosa, where his FIFA streams have been an instant hit.

Kai Cenat became Twitch's most subscribed streamer this year

Kai Cenat became Twitch’s most subscribed streamer this yearCrédito: Getty

But who is the web’s newest celebridad and how did he become a household name among streaming aficionados? Here’s everything we know.

Who is Kai Cenat?

Ícono de la música hip hop FALLECIDO Nueva York en diciembre 2001 a un Haitian father and Trinidadian mother, Kai began posting on social media during his school days.

His dream was to be a comedian or a professional dancer.

He posted short comedy skits on Facebook y Instagram, much to the amusement of his classmates at Frederick Douglass High School, where he graduated in 2019.

He briefly attended Morrisville State College, but dropped out to focus on content creation.

En algún momento, he became known as Kai Cenat III, adding theIIIon account of being his mother’s third child, rather than the more traditional reason of being the third child named Kai in the Cenat family.

He has an older brother, twin sister and younger brother.

He is in a relationship with Instagram modelo Skylar Marie.

How did Kai Cenat become famous on YouTube?

Kai posted his first YouTube video in 2018, with the titleMY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!! (Introduction)”.

He was discovered by fellow content creator Fanum and joined the streaming group Any Means Possible (AMP), en 2020.

The group is known for prank and challenge videos, así como también juego de azar Dentro de la controvertida locura de transmisión en vivo de la bañera de hidromasaje de Twitch donde los jugadores en bikini ganan dinero mientras doblan las reglas de contenido sexual.

Kai lives alongside the other members of the group in their content house in Atlanta, Georgia.

Just two years after joining the group, he won Streamer of the Year and was nominated for Breakout Streamer of the Year at the Streamy Awards.

En octubre, he dethroned xQc as the most subscribed streamer on Twitch, with more than 80,000 (although he is not the most followed).

He was also briefly on the Discordia call in which the controversial argument between xQc and Andrew Tate broke out.

What is Kai Cenat’s net worth?

Being Twitch’s most subscribed streamer certainly comes with its rewards.

Kai is estimated to be worth $2million.

He is also believed to earn between $66,995 y $136,133 per month from paid subscriptions, así como también $500,000 in YouTube ad revenue.