Who left Strictly Come Dancing ?

WE saw the first celebrity to be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

Two couples took on the dreaded dance off in hopes of saving their بشكل صارم spot. إليك كل ما تحتاج إلى معرفته.

Kaye Adams was the first celebrity to leave Strictly this year

Kaye Adams was the first celebrity to leave Strictly this yearالإئتمان: السلطة الفلسطينية

Who left Strictly tonight?

Kaye Adams was the first celebrity to be eliminated from Strictly on Sunday, اكتوبر 2, 2022.

ال امرأة حرة star and her partner كاي ويدرينغتون found themselves in the bottom two alongside Bros star Matt Goss and his partner نادية بيتشكوفا.

When asked by host Tess Daly asked about their time on the show, Kaye said: “It was the right result and I did make mistakes, and when it comes to that high pressured situation that’s what happens.

‘’So I am delighted for Matt and Nadiya, the only person I am just sorry for is this wonderful man [كاي], who has just been so brilliant…It was a hell of a lot of fun, I said my ambition was to learn to love to dance, and actually I have seen a whole new side to myself, it’s opened a little door.

‘’It’s been a wonderful experience and to spend time with such talented people who love the show so much has been a joy!."

Kai was then asked if he had any words for his partner, Kaye and he said: “Well, أنت تعرف, only we know how much real hard work has gone into this.

“There has been lots of ups and downs and we won’t go into them, but this lady is a trooper, and I know what she’s been going through in the week.

‘’For this woman to come out and give the performance that she did tonight really shows the testament to her character.

“I am proud of you, I know that your girls and your other half are proud of you, but the most important thing is that you should be proud of yourself, because you are a superstar.”

تأتي بدقة الرقص 2022 يقذف

Who was in the dance off?

We saw the two lowest scoring couples go head-to-head in the first dance off of 2022.

The judges’ scores this week were added to those from last week and were then combined with the results of the viewers’ votes.

Both couples performed their routines once again.

Kaye and her dance partner Kai performed their Charleston to Music! موسيقى! موسيقى! by Dorothy Provine.

Followed by Matt and his dance partner Nadia who performed their Samba to Night Fever by the Bee Gees.

After both couples danced for the second time in a bid to impress the judges, the Strictly panel delivered their final verdicts.

كريج ريفيل هوروود chose to save Matt and Nadiya.

When delivering his vote, Craig said: “Well the couple for me, that I considered danced the best on the night, and the couple I would like to save is Matt and Nadiya.”

The next judge to vote was موتسي مابوس, who also chose to save Matt and Nadiya.

Motsi said: “Well that was so close, both couples made mistakes. I feel like they were on the same level, but one couple was a little bit better for me, and I am saving Matt and Nadiya.”

The third panelist to vote was Anton Du Beke, who also chose to save Matt and Nadiya.

Anton said: “Well it wasn’t a vintage dance off, and I know exactly how they feel and I’ve been in that position many times myself and I think if you had the chance you would like to go again, both of you. There were a lot of mistakes for both couples, I felt that one couple lost performance as well, and because of that I would like to save Matt and Nadiya.”

With three votes to Kaye and Kai, their fate was sealed, however Head Judge Shirley Ballas said she would have decided to save Kaye and Kai.

When asked if she agreed with the other judges, Shirley said: ‘‘I didn’t, I thought due to a little better quality, I would have saved Kaye and Kai.’’

The judges decided who should go home after the dance off

The judges decided who should go home after the dance off

Who has left Strictly so far?

Here’s who has left the show so far:

  • Week two: Kaye Adams and Kai Widdrington

Who is still left in the competition?

يوجد 14 celebrities still left dancing for that Glitterball trophy في ال بشكل صارم 2022 الموسم.

The stars that are left in the competition are:

When is Strictly next on TV?

Strictly week three will air on Saturday, اكتوبر 8, 2022 في 6.30 pm and fans will be delighted to know the remaining 14 couples will take to the dancefloor for Movie Week.

The results show will then air on Sunday 9 th October at 7:20مساءا على بي بي سي وان.

You can also catch any missed episodes on the بي بي سي iPlayer after they have been broadcast.