Who left The Masked Dancer UK 2022 昨晚?

THE Masked Dancer has returned to our screen with a bang, with five contestants having been revealed.

Spoilers ahead: find out which stars have been unveiled by host 乔尔·多米特the panel of judges.

Who has left The Masked Dancer UK 2022?

电视台 has lined-up 12 participants dressed in wacky costumes for the spin-off to 蒙面歌手.

As this year’s celebrities take to the stage in hopes of dancing their way to the final, it’s the judgesjob to uncover which famous face is hiding behind the mask.

And viewers at home can tune in to spot the clues and figure out which celebrity matches the costume.

Here’s who has left The Masked Dancer UK 2022 so far:

Tomato Sauce

Steph McGovern was the latest to leave The Masked Dancer

Steph McGovern was the latest to leave The Masked Dancer

Tomato Sauce was the latest to leave The Masked Dancer and was revealed to be none other than TV star Steph McGovern.

Discussing her time on the show, Steph shared that it had been “incredibly hard” to keep her appearance on the show a secretespecially from judge Oti Mabuse who she thought was going to “suss [她] straight away.”

Steph said “We’re friends but she didn’t get it for a while. I was pleased about that. I was over the moon with the feedback. I’m not a dancer but they made me feel like one.”

她补充说: “I love the show and I love dancing. Getting to dance as a completely different person/character is thrilling!

“I’m rubbish at keeping secrets so I’m proud of myself!”

Steph then opened up about the secrecy of filming, saying it was like a “military operation”.

她说: “The lengths they go to to keep everything a secret is hilarious. The hardest thing was not being able to speak to anyone, I felt so rude!”

Discussing her Tomato Sauce character, Steph said: “My character is literally my opposite – cute/sweet/affectionate. As soon as I am in costume I become my alter ego. I’m nothing like herI’m a sarcastic, direct northern lass. She’s so sickly cute, but I love her.

Pillar and Post

David Seaman and wife Frankie took part on the Masked Dancer

David Seaman and wife Frankie took part on the Masked Dancer信用: 功放

Pillar and Post were the latest to leave The Masked Dancer and were revealed to be David Seaman and his wife Frankie.

They had to pull out of the competition due to an injury.

主持人 乔尔·多米特 explained on: “可悲的是, Pillar took a tumble during rehearsals and I am absolutely gutted to tell you that on medical advice they have had to withdraw from the competition.”

Speaking about their departure from the Masked Dancer, Frankie shared in a statement: “We were gutted as we absolutely loved every minute! It was great fun but a tumble meant our Masked journey came to an end too soon, we had such a blast and we were sad that we had to hang up our masks without being able to share our final dance with you all!

“We have loved being part of this series and we wish the other competitors the best of luck as we continue to watch at home and try to guess who all the other celebrities are!”

Prawn Cocktail

Stacey Dooley was unmasked on The Masked Dancer

Stacey Dooley was unmasked on The Masked Dancer

Prawn Cocktail was the third celebrity to be unmasked on this series of The Masked Dancer.

斯泰西·杜利 was believed to be behind the mask, along with Lorraine Kelly and Beverly Callard among other guesses.

And it turned out 乔纳森·罗斯Oti Mabuse were correct as Stacey was announced as the celebrity under the pink prawn head.

Clues which led the panel to discover her true identity were mentions of her accent, her hard-hitting journalism and her show Stacey Dooley Sleeps Over.

As well as this, fellow 严格的 star Oti recognised her mannerisms and dance style.


Pig was revealed to be Joanna Page

Pig was revealed to be Joanna Page信用: 电视台

Pig was unfortunately eliminated from the ITV competition after being in the bottom three with Cactus and Pearly King.

To many people’s surprise, 这 second famous face to be unmasked 曾是 Gavin and Stacey 星星 Joanna Page.

Speaking about her time on the show as she revealed herself, the Welsh actress said: “I had a fantastic time, it’s been absolutely amazing.

The children don’t know or anything so I am very excited because this is their favourite programme.

Pig’s clues were all given in or around their bright pink countryside cottage, which happened to be number 47 – the same as Stacey’s house number in the famous comedy.

The final clue was: “I once made a right pig’s ear of meeting someone I really admired,” which the star later explained was a reference to meeting Dame Emma Thompson on the set of Love Actually.


US actor Jesse Mercalfe was unveiled as the astronaut

US actor Jesse Mercalfe was unveiled as the astronaut

Episode one saw one celebrity unmaskedand it was a shock to everyone.

Astronaut landed in the bottom three along with Candlestick and double-act Pillar and Post, but the judges chose to save the other two leaving the space man as the first to exit the competition.

As the audience shoutedTake it offthe character lifted their mask to reveal Desperate Housewives star Ĵesse Metcalfe.

Jesse played John Rowland in the hit TV series alongside Teri Hatcher and also played John in John Tucker Must Die.

He starred in the Dallas reboot, as Christopher Ewing, as well as the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries and Chesapeake Shores.

Speaking about his time on the show Jesse said: “I thought it would be fun.

Dancing is something that really intimidates me and it was a fear I wanted to face.

This has been unbelievable, it’s one of the most zany things I’ve ever done in my career but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

Who is still on The Masked Dancer UK 2022?

The famous faces behind each mask will be hoping to follow in the footsteps of series one Masked Dancer winner, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith.

But who is still hoping to dance their way to victory? Here’s who is still on The Masked Dancer UK 2022:

When is The Masked Dancer on next?

Fans of The Masked Dancer UK 2022 will be pleased to know they can tune in every Saturday night on ITV.

There will be eight episodes of The Masked Dancer season two, airing weekly at 6.30 下午.

If you’ve missed an episode don’t panicall episodes are available on ITV Hub after they have been broadcast.