Chi era la moglie di Colin Jordan, Françoise Dior??

FASHION followers around the world know the name Christian Dior well.

But not many may know he had a relative called Francoise Dior, who was once married to a famous neo-Nazi called Colin Jordan.

Francoise Dior was Nazi supporter married to Colin Jordan

Francoise Dior was Nazi supporter married to Colin JordanCredito: Alamy

Who was Colin Jordan’s wife Francoise Dior?

Marie Francoise Suzanne Dior was born on April 7 1932 and died January 20, 1993.

Better known as Francoise Dior, she was a French socialite and neo-Nazi underground financier.

She was a close friend of Savitri Devi, who herself was Nazi sympathiser.

Francoise died of lung cancer in the American Hospital of Neuilly-sur-Seine, invecchiato 60.

How was Francoise related to Christian Dior?

Francoise was niece of the late fashion designer Christion Dior, che è morto in 1957.

Her aunt, and Christian’s sister, was Resistance fighter Catherine Dior.

tuttavia, Catherine publicly distanced herself from her niece after she married British neo-Nazi activist Jordan.

When did Colin Jordan and Francoise Dior marry and what happened at their wedding?

The pair wed on October 5, 1963 but divorced by 1967.

Francoise was fervently Nazi as Colin Jordan and as part of their marriage ceremony they cut their fingers and mingled their blood over a copy of Mein Kampf.

Although she said she wanted to “give birth to a little Nazi”, they had no children, and after a few years of marriage she ran off with a teenager.

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