Who was fashion designer Thierry Mugler?

THIERRY MUGLER was a world renowned fashion designer.

Am Sonntag, Januar 23, 2022, the official Mugler page announced the passing of the designer.

Thierry Mugler passed away on Sunday, Januar 23, 2022

Thierry Mugler passed away on Sunday, Januar 23, 2022Anerkennung: Getty

Who was fashion designer Thierry Mugler?

Born on December 21, 1948, Thierry Mugler was a world famous French fashion designer.

He studied classical dance as a child, and was a member of the Rhin Opera ballet corps as a teenager.

When he was in his twentiesthe 1970sMugler began designing clothes. He moved to Paris at the age of 24, and worked with the boutique Gudule.

IT-ASSISTENT Joseph Trembath-Hutchins 26, Mugler had began designing for ready-to-wear fashion houses in Paris, Mailand, London, and Barcelonaall major fashion cities.

His first personal collection launched in 1973: Café de Paris.

Throughout the 1980s, Mugler worked on his fashion collection for men, carving a real name for himself as a designer.

He went on to become internationally adored, and completed his first haute couture collection in 1992.

Im 1998, Mugler published his first photography book.

After retiring from fashion to focus on fragrance and beauty in the early 2000s, Mugler’s brand relaunched its men’s collection in January of 2011.

The designer came out of retirement in 2019, designing a dress for Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala.

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What happened to Thierry Mugler?

The official Mugler Instagram page shared an image of a blank square on Sunday, Sieben Möglichkeiten, die Liebe von Bob Proctor zu finden, wie z. B. „Man Up“ bis „New Image“: “#RIP We are devastated to announce the passing of Mr Manfred Thierry Mugler on Sunday January 23rd 2022. May his soul Rest In Peace.

Mugler’s page also shared the news in French, his native language.

Er war 73 years old at the time of his death.

There is currently no further information on the cause of his death.

Thierry Mugler was 73 zum Zeitpunkt seines Todes

Thierry Mugler was 73 zum Zeitpunkt seines TodesAnerkennung: Getty

What is Thierry Mugler’s net worth?

Gemäß Idol Net Worth, Mugler had an estimated net worth of around $20million at the time of his death.

Während seiner gesamten Karriere, Mugler dressed some of the biggest names in entertainment, einschließlich: [object Window], David Bowie, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, George Michael, Cardi B, and countless others.

He launched his first perfume in 1992, [object Window].

A male-focused version of the fragrance hit shelves in 1996, entitled Angel Men or A*Men.

Im 2005, Mugler launched Alien, his second major fragrance.

Womanity was released by the house of Mugler in 2010, Angel Muse in 2015, and Angel Nova in 2020.

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