Whoopi 因告诉 View 粉丝“生活在他们中”而被撕毁’ 与巴哈马之旅

THE View host Whoopi Goldberg has been slammed for claiming the cast’s Bahamas trip allows viewers to live vicariously through them.

Fans have blasted her for being “out of touch” with reality and with what’s going on with the average viewer.

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To celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, the hosts enjoyed a Bahamas getaway together and filmed the show on-location from their luxury vacation.

While fans understood that the cast was there to honor The View’s milestone moment, they slammed the show, and especially Whoopi, for how they went about it all, and the timing of it.

One remark that really irked viewers arrived during Monday’s show, when the moderator claimed her and her hosts’ stories about their fun vacation would help viewers be able to live through them.

“Definitely thought that was a bit cringe and out of touch,” one user wrote on social media.

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The View host Whoopi Goldberg FORGETS co-host's name in awkward on-air moment


The View host Whoopi Goldberg FORGETS co-host’s name in awkward on-air moment

他们添加了: “I don’t think they have to feel bad about sharing their stories having fun but trying to frame it as being inspirational/helpful for others rubbed me the wrong way.”

Others completely agreed, 用一句话: “It does feel weird to watch them do yoga with flamingos at the moment.”

另一个评论: “Why do I want to see them having fun in some fabulous location I cannot go to?

“This trip In particular seems very out of touch and indulgent and completely out of sync given everything that is going on in America.”


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Fans have been furious about this trip ever since they revealed it last month.

It was all first shared back in May, when The View teased an “epic announcement” at the end of one of its broadcasts.

Fans were excited to see what it could be, whether it was a new permanent host or a massive giveaway for the show’s dedicated viewers.

反而, it was to tell the audience that the hosts would be getting a luxury beach getaway.

在社交媒体上, fans blasted The View for teasing them and for flaunting the hosts’ vacation in their faces.

One upset Twitter user wrote: “For their big announcement, the View announced that they’re going to the Bahamas.

“They know all of us can’t go, but we can go to their site for information on tickets…… meanwhile I’ll be here, working from home while they enjoy their paid vacation.”

They added sarcastically: “Yay for everyone.”

另一个说: “So let me get this right? I waited 58 minutes for this Epic Announcement which I thought was about a new co-host.

“And all y’all did was tell us about how ‘y’allare going to the Bahamas & how does that benefit us as the viewers, y’all didn’t even offer a sweepstakes?”

上周末, the hosts arrived at the Bahamas and quickly started sharing how much fun they were having.

They were seen on social media living it up at the beach, relaxing in shaded lounge chairs, enjoying decadent drinks, and tasting delicious foods.

One fan sarcastically wrote on the TV personalities’ trip: “Awwww. How nice.

“Those who are struggling to put food on their tables and gas in their cars can see a vacation spot first hand on TV.”

As the Bahamas episodes started airing, fans slammed it all as “tone deaf.”

One upset viewer said: “I dislike when TV shows go on the road.


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“It tends to piss me off and make me jealous.”

第二条推文: “This is a very awkward week for #TheView to be on a celebratory trip to the Bahamas.”

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