Why are there no adverts on TV and how long will it last?

SOME TV channels have suspended adverts following the Queen’s death.

As the UK enter a national period of mourning TV schedules have changed.

Why are there no adverts on TV?

Some TV channels have decided not to show adverts for a period following Queen Elizabeth II’s death.

Britain’s longest reigning monarch passed away aged 96 op Donderdag 8 September 2022 na 70 years in power.

It was announced that Queen Elizabeth died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The nation has now entered an official mourning period which will last until a week after the Queen’s funeral.

Which channels are not showing adverts?

Amongst those that have stopped showing adverts are ITV and Channel 4.

There will be no adverts on some channels

There will be no adverts on some channelsKrediet: Getty

ITV will run with no advert breaks on its main channel until at least the end of Friday.

The channel will dedicate its schedule to special programming and news coverage.

Good Morning Britain aired as normal from 6-9am which was hosted by Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard but then, from 9am ITV is airing nothing but coverage about The Queen’s death.

Later on Jonathan Dimbelby fronts special programme, Queen Elizabeth IIThe Longest Reign.

Kanaal 4 also confirmed thatall advertising and sponsorship has been temporarily suspended on Channel 4 and All 4”.

Many radio stations across the UK have also changed their usual programming to introduce an obituary schedule.

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How long will adverts not be shown for?

ITV are thought to be suspending their adverts until at least the end of Friday.

It is not known how long other channels will stop showing adverts for as it could go on for days after the Queen’s death.

Social media platforms have also followed the move with Twitter thought to be turning off ads in the UK for 48 ure.

The United Kingdom have now gone into a national period of mourning.

The royal have also gone into a mourning period which will continue until seven days after the Queen’s funeral.

King Charles III automatically came into power following his mother’s death.

He will address the nation at around 6pm BST on Friday 9 September 2022.