Why isn’t Strictly Come Dancing on tonight, dezembro 10, 2022?

STRICTLY Come Dancing fans will be left disappointed if they go to tune into the show tonight (dezembro 10, 2022).

O golpe BBC One series has once again been rescheduled, and the next episode will air on a different day.

Strictly Come Dancing has been postponed tonight

Strictly Come Dancing has been postponed tonightCrédito: PA

Why isn’t Strictly Come Dancing on TV?

Fans are used to the Estritamente live show airing on a Saturday night.

But the big semi-final has been postponed, so that footy fans can watch the Copa do Mundo sobre ITV.

Tomorrow’s episode of Strictly (dezembro 10, 2022) has been rescheduled to make way for the England v France match, which kicks off at 6pm.

But if you’re not a fan of the football, BBC One will be airing Pointless Celebrities instead at 7.20pm.

Over on BBC Two you can watch the Jane Austen movie Emma (2020) from 6.35pm.

seguido por um nome de aplicativo abrirá o aplicativo escolhido Canal 4 the alternative to the footy is the Joanna Lumley comédia, Finding Your Feet (2017).

When is Strictly back on the BBC?

The postponed episode of Strictly, will now air on Sunday night (dezembro 11, 2022) at 7.15pm.

It means the remaining five Strictly stars have an extra day to perfect their TWO routines for the big semi-final.

enquanto isso, the Strictly results show will now air at 8.15pm on Monday (dezembro 12, 2022).

Who is in the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing?

There are just five celebrity couples still in the running to scoop the Glitterball trophy.

The stars left in the competition are:

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