Frau „vom Partner enthauptet“’ schrieb eine Notiz, in der er darum bat, ihn nach der Verhaftung wegen Missbrauchs zu sehen

A WOMAN who was allegedly beheaded in a horror daylight killing by her partner had written a heartbreaking note to a court to allow her to see him, Die Sonne kann ausschließlich offenbaren.

Horrifying footage circulated online this week showed the moment Amerika Mafalda Thayer, 55, was dragged from her car and her body dumped in the street in Shakopee, Minneapolis.

America Mafalda Thayer was murdered in broad daylight on Wednesday

America Mafalda Thayer was murdered in broad daylight on WednesdayAnerkennung: Facebook
America's partner Alexis Saborit was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder

America’s partner Alexis Saborit was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murderAnerkennung: Büro des Sheriffs von Scott County

Police said Thursday her partner Alexis Saborit, 42, had been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder.

Court records show Saborit was previously convicted of gross misdemeanor domestic assault against America in 2017.

A pre-trial domestic abuse no contact order to keep Saborit away from his victim was imposed but America made an impassioned plea for it to be removed.


In a tragic handwritten note almost four years to the day before she was murdered, America told Carver County district court: “My name is America M Thayer.

“I live with Alexis Saborit for 4 year, we never have a problem.

“The problem we have was an argument, he never abuse me! noch nie.

“He don’t have anyone an (sic) this country and don’t speak English.

“I need to be in contact with him to help us!

“We don’t have problem for 4 years please. We never have problem.

“We will go to any treatment recommended.

“I need the no contact order removed please.

“Thankyou! (sic)”


America’s petition was granted and Saborit was given permission to see her in person and speak with her on the phone.

The arrest came after officers had arrived at the home which Saborit and America shared after she called for help.

Court documents claim that he was found crouched over America and was holding her to the ground when he was arrested.

America told cops the fight began while they were drinking at a bar and Saborit “thought she was talking to another man”.

When they got home and as she tried to speak with officers Saborit pushed her to the ground, “causing her to fall and scrape her elbow”, according to the documents.

He then held her on the ground and “attempted to put his hand over her mouth to prevent her from talking to officers”.

America wrote a letter to the court defending Saborit after he assaulted her in 2017

America wrote a letter to the court defending Saborit after he assaulted her in 2017Anerkennung: First Judicial District Court Carver County, MN
The crime scene in Shakopee where America's body was dumped

The crime scene in Shakopee where America’s body was dumpedAnerkennung: Fuchs9

Saborit was also convicted in 2017 of driving under the influence of alcohol after he crashed into another vehicle while drunk.

Officers who arrived on the scene found a large kitchen knife and a bottle of Bacardi rum in his Mercury Milan car.

The following year he was arrested again after getting into an altercation at a bar in Shakopee.

He was found to be carrying a three-inch folding knife and a ten-inch kitchen knife.

When police tried to place him on hold so he could detox, Saborit slipped out of handcuffs and tried to run away.


Saborit was out on bail for arson and property damage for allegedly trying to burn down his apartment when he is claimed to have killed America.

He was released by judge Richard C. Perkins despite the court’s observation and his defense’s claim that he is mentally ill.

Court records show he was due to appear in court this August for allegedly violating his probation.

Saborit was also previously convicted of two separate incidents of domestic abuse battery in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Im Dezember 2011.

Colleagues who worked with America at a Dollar Tree described her as “bubbly” and “sweet”.

Her friend friend Mikala Dickerson said: “Sie liebte einfach jeden, dem sie begegnete. It’s just really hard and very traumatizing.”

Cops were critical of the video that was circulated on social media showing the moment America’s body was dumped in the street, and said she has son.

Der Polizeichef von Shakopee, Jeff Tate, sagte Bring mir die Nachrichten: “Uns ist bekannt, dass ein Zuschauer von diesem Vorfall ein Video aufgenommen hat. Wir haben das Video.

“It is deeply disturbing that the first instinct was to post that on social media.

“Diese Frau hat einen Sohn, hat eine Familie und Menschen, die sich um sie kümmern, und der letzte Ort, an dem jemand von einer Tragödie mit einem geliebten Menschen erfahren sollte, ist über die sozialen Medien.

“Zum Glück konnten wir diese Person schnell festnehmen.”

Police probe after woman is ‘beheaded by attacker who dumps body on streetin front of neighbors in middle of day