mujer golpea 6″8 pasajero después de que él la detiene reclinando su asiento durante el vuelo

A WOMAN was left furious when a tall passenger sitting behind her during a flight stopped her from reclining her seat.

The two people were on a short-haul journey when the woman tried to recline her chair.

The passengers argued over whether or not the woman should've been allowed to recline (imagen de archivo)

The passengers argued over whether or not the woman should’ve been allowed to recline (imagen de archivo)Crédito: Getty

sin embargo, the problems started when the person behind her, who was around 6″8, told her not to recline as her seat was hitting his knees.

She explained on social media site Reddit: “After takeoff, the person in front reclined their seat. No hay problema, I reclined my seat, but the guy in the aisle behind, but in the middle stopped me.

He told me that he was too big and the chair reclined into his legs.

This man seated was extraordinarily tall, and seated in the middle, so his knees extended into the space of both the aisle and window seats.

She said not only were the people sitting next to him inconvenienced but the entire row in front of him as well.

After agreeing to put her seat up, the woman and the man had an argument over whether or not the man should have sat where he was.

Ella continuó: “dije, ‘Yeah no problem, I won’t recline my seat, but next time you can choose a different seat as to not inconvenience 5 other people".

He explained that normally the attendants give him an aisle seat or upgrade him, but they couldn’t this time.

He said he didn’t have the choice and that I was being selfish.

The story divided people online, with some saying she shouldn’t have reclined her seat in the first place.

Uno escribió: “Anyone reclining their seats on an economy flight is in the wrong.

Un segundo agregado: “I would never recline my seat unless there was no-one behind me. I just can’t bring myself to make someone else’s life worse.

sin embargo, other people were adamant that she shouldn’t have to think about those behind them when reclining her seat.

Uno dijo: “Reclining is your right as an airline passenger. If you don’t like the person in front of you reclining, it isn’t their problem.

Otro escribió: “Imagine getting mad at someone for using their seat’s feature, that the airline provided and they paid for.

There are ways to go about reclining your seat that can be more courteous to the people sitting around you.

Julia Esteve Boyd, an etiquette coach and podcaster from Suiza dicho: “It is completely reasonable to recline your seat if you want to. Just don’t recline the seat too quickly.

mientras tanto, passenger Lisa Blossat Harrison said she always checks who’s behind ella, before not reclining all the way.

Ella dijo: “I’ll look behind first, then gently go back a little just to relieve my back.

This is backed up by frequent-flyer Ben Schlappig, who wrote in a blog post on One Mile at a Time: “If you are going to recline your seat, do so slowly, and make sure the person behind you knows. No matter what, don’t be a jerk.

Another man was furious when the person in front reclined the whole row of seats.

And people were divided when a 6’3 man stopped people from reclining in front of him.

The woman believed she was in the right but the man argued otherwise (imagen de archivo)

The woman believed she was in the right but the man argued otherwise (imagen de archivo)Crédito: Getty