‘World’s worst bossmakes employees change phone numbers for bizarre reason

A BIZARRE boss has come under fire for refusing to hire people who have the number five as the fifth digit of their phone number.

The boss of the education company in Shenzen, Chine has reportedly told job applicants to change their number if they’re serious about getting a role at the firm.

Many were left scratching their heads over the bizarre recruitment policy

Many were left scratching their heads over the bizarre recruitment policyCrédit: Getty

The strange requirement for the job is based on the superstition that having a five as the fifth digit of a phone number will bring bad luck.

The bizarre conditionwhich has nothing to do with skills or work ethicssparked a heated debate online, What’s On Weibo rapports.

Many were left scratching their heads about how a company could have such a bonkers recruiting policy.

One Weibo user said: “It’s the 21st century, and there are still such superstitious bosses.

Why don’t you just hire a fortune-telling Feng-shui Master?”

But some superstitious folks agreed with the manager’s decision.

L'un a dit: “My mum told me that it would be best if my phone number did not contain a zero or five, so there’s not a single five in there.

A blogger by the name of Jimenjun, who specialises in astrology and numerology, explained how the hiring condition was most likely inspired by an ancient Chinese text.

The book talks about the theory of multiple number fives being unlucky.

Jimenjun claimed someone with a five as the fifth digit of their number might easily clash with their superiorsand also bring bad luck to their boss.

Employees at the education company in China are not the only ones facing a tricky boss.

One employee told how their boss makes them PAY to drink water from the cooler at work.

The manager makes staff fork out £3.80 a month just to hydrate themselves as part of a “Water Club”.

Et un autre terrible boss sent out a furious email to all his staff for takingsick daysand not wearing a suit.

The Sydney manager apologised for the email that repeatedly accused his employees of “getting on my tits”, playing “endless ping pong” and likened their taking frequent sick leave to a film about a man dying of Aids.

entre-temps, another boss was slammed after a staff member revealed the manager had put up a poster in the office sayingnobody cares, work harder“.

A photo of the framed picture was posted on Reddit sparking a furious response from users telling the original poster they should quit their job.