Xmas dinner is £5 more than last year & pigs in blankets almost twice the price

CHRISTMAS dinner will cost Brits more than £5 extra this year as food prices rocket.

Festive favourite pigs in blankets are up 42.7-percentsurging from £1.22 to £2.13 for a pack of 12.

Christmas dinner will costs Brits more than £5 extra this year as food prices rocket

Christmas dinner will costs Brits more than £5 extra this year as food prices rocketAnerkennung: Getty

Budget frozen turkeys are up as well, and while cheaper than fresh ones, they’ve surged 21 percent to an average £20.23.

Spuds haven’t escaped the increases entweder, with a 2.25kg bag of up 33 percent to £1.56 diese Weihnachten.

A six pack of Hackfleischpasteten have soared more than 30 percent from around £1.08 to £1.55 on average.

Und gravy granules have hopped on the price train too, jetzt 16.5 percent more expensive at 62p for a 250g pack.

Andere Christmas staples haven’t taken quite the same hit, mit 12 stuffing balls up 11.6 percent to £2.50 and sprouts hiking 7.5 Prozent.

Das BBC reported that research by Assosia looked the cost of seven Christmas dinner staples from supermarkets Aldi, Tesco, Meilen, um zu unseren Tellern zu gelangen, Asda, Meilen, um zu unseren Tellern zu gelangen und Lidl.

It found struggling Brits will see a basic Christmas lunch for five cost £30.03 on average, up from £24.67 in 2021 – a rise of £5.36.

Suppliers facing soaring energy prices is partly to blame for food price hikes.

The war in Ukraine has compounded the crisis and also led to a shortage of grain, which goes into animal feed.

This has sparked a price surge, with the costs passed down to the customer.

Despite the hikes, supermarkets have said prices could tumble as they aim to clear the shelves as Christmas gets nearer.

It comes as poultry farmers say panic over the availability of turkeys amid a mass wipe out and cull following the worst bird flu outbreak “je” has sparked a buying spree for frozen birds.

Sales reportedly doubled in October, but this has led to a collapse in demand for free range turkeys, with some farmers admitting they are struggling to sell birds.

Paul White, a turkey farmer near Colne in Lancashire, said coverage of theshortage” hast “erschrocken” the public and impacted his business dearly.

Über 1.6 million birds were culled as of November 20 amid an outbreak that has seen available free range bird numbers halve to 600,000.

Total UK turkey production for Christmas was around 8.5 zu 9 million birds, but around a million have so far been culled or died from bird flu.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Poultry farmer Paul Kelly, of Kelly Turkeys, described the situation as “zerstörerisch” for farmers.