You can park on a single yellow longer than you think – 你需要知道的

DRIVERS can face hefty fines for parking illegally on single yellow lines but there may be cases where you can leave your car for longer than you think.

Experts have revealed the handy parking tips you need to know when it comes to single yellow lines.

There are times when you may be able to stop for longer on a yellow line

There are times when you may be able to stop for longer on a yellow line信用: 盖蒂

Yellow lines can be a peril for drivers seeking somewhere to park.

Drivers can park on a single yellow line within set time periods.

But restrictions can vary depending on the area, time and day.

Drivers who park on a yellow line when they aren’t supposed to can receive a penalty charge notice (PCN).

These are issued by local parking wardens and charges can differ depending on the council and where you left your car.

A PCN can be up to £70 outside London and up to £130 in the capital, according to the AA.

The fine is usually halved if you pay within 14 days or you have 28 days to pay the full fine or appeal.

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Motoring and legal experts say there are times when you may be able to stop for longer on a yellow line or even appeal.

Here are some exceptions that may let you park on a single yellow line.


Drivers can usually stop on a yellow line to drop or pickup passengers or load or unload goods unless the signs say otherwise.

Ruth Peters, a lawyer for Olliers Solicitors, 说: “Single yellow lines mean no waiting pr parking during the times shown on nearby signs or at the entrance to a controlled parking zone.

There are no standard times or rules. You must check the signs for timings that they apply.

“Therefore it is permissible to stop, load or unload goods, set down or pick up passengers. Providing this is continuous and does not exceed a reasonable amount of time then it would not normally be defined as parking.

Where there are no kerb markings or signs, councils may have a maximum loading or unloading period.

例如, most councils in London provide a maximum loading time of 40 minutes but it must be clear that there is activity taking place and you haven’t just left your car.

Some councils, such as the City of London, will give a 10 minute grace period to check that loading activity is taking place.

But The AA warns that it is always important to check and obey any time restrictions and not to rely on any grace periods as these will be at the discretion of parking wardens and aren’t guaranteed.

Jack Couzens, head of roads policy for The AA, 告诉太阳报: “Sometimes you can stop to drop off or pickup passengers on a single yellow line but the signs may tell you otherwise.

“或者, there may be small yellow lines marked on the curb at right angles to its edge.

Nearby signs will tell you what the loading time restrictions are.

If these lines are in pairs, that means no loading or unloading at any time.

You can check a council’s parking policy on its website or find signs close to where you are parking.

Faded lines

There is much debate over the legal position of faded yellow lines.

Councils are supposed to keep their roads in good condition.

Khawar Altaf, of Azolvur, which helps fight unfair parking tickets, claims faded and unclear lines do not abide by the regulations provided in the Traffic Signs and Regulations Directions.

他说: “The law is clear about yellow lines single or double, they must be clear not faded along with signs erected to show restrictions.

You would need to appeal this first to the council where you parked, and then through the courts if rejected, which could be a costly and lengthy process.

But Rebecca Ashton, head of policy and research at road safety charity IAM RoadSmart adds that parking restrictions would still apply.

她说: “Even where single yellow lines are faded, the traffic order that set them up is still in force and you should respect the rules and not park there.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at agrees.

他说: “If a yellow line is faded, it’s technically still there.

Permitting that the line is somewhat visible or there is signage around showing that it’s a no waiting or parking zone, you will be issued a ticket.

“然而, if you had photographic evidence that the line was no longer there, such as the road had been resurfaced and the yellow line had not been painted yet, then you may be able to appeal the fine through the local council.

Couzens adds that drivers should instead help each other out by informing councils of unclear lines and signs.

Blue badges

Blue Badge holders can usually park on single yellow lines for up to three hours.

But check with the local council as some such as London boroughs may have extra restrictions during set times or in specific areas.

Make sure you display your Blue Badge clearly in your car so a parking warden can check it or you can still be fined.

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You may also be able to park on a double yellow line for longer than you think.

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