You’re frying eggs all wrongchef reveals the secret is where you crack it

WE’VE been making fried eggs for so many years now that we pretty much do it on autopilot.

But while we usually just aggressively crack the egg on the side of the pan and hope for the best, chef Yasmeen AlSawwaf has revealed her foolproof method for ensuring the perfect breakfast every time.

Chef Yasmeen AlSawwaf urged people NOT to crack their eggs on the pan

Chef Yasmeen AlSawwaf urged people NOT to crack their eggs on the pan信用: 盖蒂

说话 Eat This, Not That!, Yasmeen said the first thing you need to do is make sure you’re cooking with a non-stick pan so it doesn’t catch at the bottom.

下一个, the chef recommended adding a generous dollop of butter to the pan and then cracking the egg into a separate bowl.

But why not just do it on the pan? Well the hot metal means you’re more likely to crack the yolkwhich ruins your breakfast before you’ve even started.

When you’re ready to start cooking, Yasmeen urged people to whack their pan up to ahigh heat” – i.e. between 123°C to 137°C or 255°F to 280°F.

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那说, she’s stressed how important it is to keep an eye on your eggs the whole time to avoid overcooking them.

她继续: “Having high heat means that the eggs could brown and blister before being properly cooked in the centre.


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Fried eggs should be shiny and have fully set whites and shouldn’t be blistered or browned, while the yolks should be properly cooked according to your preference.

更重要的是, Yasmeen also urged people to use fresh eggs where they can.

她解释: “When an egg ages, the whites and yolk thin out.

This means that the white will spread instead of being compact and thick and the yolk won’t sit atop the whites perfectly.

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