YouTube flooded with sex doll reviews in bizarre ‘robot lover’ neiging

YOUTUBE is full of bizarre trends but sex doll reviews and ‘unboxingvideos are up their with some of the creepiest content.

The platform is known for its review and unboxing videos but these usually involve new family friendly toys or gadgets and not sex dolls.

The videos come with a warning from YouTube

The videos come with a warning from YouTubeKrediet: YouTube
The unboxing videos show how the sex dolls arrive like a dead body in a box

The unboxing videos show how the sex dolls arrive like a dead body in a boxKrediet: YouTube

The amount of sex doll review and unboxing videos on YouTube seems to be increasing.

One popular sex doll review video has hundreds of thousands of views and was posted by the YouTube channel Badd Angel.

Angelica Maria runs the channel and she’s posted several sex doll reviews.

In one of her ‘Love Doll Unboxing videosshe tells viewers: “KumaDoll sent me this customized doll. I mean I chose everything from her breast size to her skin tone to her wig color to her eye color.

Even to her skeleton. So, you guys can do that as well.

She then explains that choosing astock dolltakes seven days to arrive but acustomizedpersonal doll can take three to four weeks.

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She also showed her viewers just how easy it is to buy a sex doll if you have over $1,000.

The blogger said: “She is so perfect. She’s so soft and so beautiful.

My doll’s name is Sonja. I got to personally name her this time. I think it just matched everything about her. I can tell her personality and she’s definitely a lot of fun.

Elsewhere on YouTube, there’s channels purely dedicated to sex doll reveals.

One is called Sex Dolls Reviews and it has thousands of subscribers.

Its latest video calledpiper doll Iris reviewhas thousands of views.

It shows the unboxing process and how the doll arrives lying down in a box with its head and hands completely wrapped up.

Some of the comments under this video are extremely inappropriate and creepy.

One viewer wrote: “Any reliable store where to buy a 100 cm flat chest, young looking doll?? I live in México and now these customs people make it hardAny recommendations.

'N Ander het gesê: “A 100cm doll with flat chest is illegal in most countries. Be careful. It may lead you into big trouble.

Some sex dolls are illegal if they have the dimensions of a child.

We have reached out to YouTube for comment on these kind of discussions on its platform.

Most of the YouTube videos have a warning which reads: “This video may be inappropriate for some users.

There is the also the added precaution that you have to click a button to say you wish to proceed before you can view the content.

The sex doll bloggers show off how they've customised their purchases

The sex doll bloggers show off how they’ve customised their purchasesKrediet: YouTube

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