Du hast alles falsch abgestaubt – wie man ein staubabweisendes Spray herstellt

A MUM has shared her recipe for creating a DIY dust-repelling spray you can use around the home to prevent dust from building up.

Carolina McCauley posted the video to her Instagram account, carolina.mccauley, where it has been viewed over 700k times and attracted more than 38k likes.

Carolina has over one million followers thanks to her savvy tips, tricks and hacks

Carolina has over one million followers thanks to her savvy tips, tricks and hacksAnerkennung: carolina.mccauley/Instagram
Carolina shared her 'magic dust repellent' recipe

Carolina shared her ‘magic dust repellent’ RezeptAnerkennung: carolina.mccauley/Instagram

Carolina, a mum of two from Perth, Australien, is popular on the app for sharing her creative home and cleaning hacks.

She revealed her DIY dust-repelling recipe which will leave your house free from stubborn dust and help stop dust building up over time.

She uses a combination of oil, washing up liquid, Essig, Wasser, and lemon extract to make the solution.

To make the recipe for the ‘magic dust repellentfirst begin by pouring half a tablespoon of olive oil into a bowl or jug, this helps repel dust from sitting on surfaces.

Nächster, add a tablespoon of vinegar, which Carolina points out kills dust mites and half a cup of water to the oil mixture.

Schließlich, add a couple of drops of washing-up liquid and ten drops of lemon essential oil to the mixture.

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Once you have all the ingredients together, decant them into a spray bottle and shake it well.

Carolina suggests using the mixture once a week by spraying it on a microfibre cloth and wiping it along your surfaces.

the dust repellent potion can be used on a variety of surfaces in the home and won’t cause damage to any paintwork.

In dem Video, Carolina demonstrates how well it works with a bedside table and lamp.

Users were grateful to Carolina for sharing the recipe, ein Benutzer schrieb: “Oh mein Gott! I need am trying this out right now, I’ve got dust everywhere.

Another user said: “Was, I am going to have to try this. Dust is my archenemy, it literally drives me crazy!”

A third person replied: “OMG I need to do this now.

Carolina demonstrated how well it worked on her bedside table and lamp

Carolina demonstrated how well it worked on her bedside table and lampAnerkennung: carolina.mccauley/Instagram

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